Asa Hutchinson

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The statement 'Honored to be a part of this important national review of our pandemic response.' is a positive and respectful acknowledgment of participation in a significant public health initiative. It aligns with the broader conversation about improving health security and democracy in the context of the pandemic.

  1. Principle 1:
    I will strive to do no harm with my words and actions.
    The statement strives to do no harm and is respectful, acknowledging the importance of the initiative without any negative connotations. [+2]
  2. Principle 3:
    I will use my words and actions to promote understanding, empathy, and compassion.
    The statement promotes understanding and empathy by recognizing the importance of the national review and the collective effort to improve pandemic response. [+2]
  3. Principle 6:
    I will use my influence for the betterment of society.
    The statement uses the individual's influence to highlight and support a significant public health initiative, contributing to the betterment of society. [+2]