Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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The statement addresses a significant public issue, specifically the integrity and actions of the Supreme Court, and calls for legislative action. It is critical and accusatory in tone, suggesting a crisis and proposing a serious response in the form of impeachment articles.

  1. Principle 1:
    I will strive to do no harm with my words and actions.
    The statement is highly critical and accusatory, which could be seen as harmful, but it does not contain direct personal attacks or inflammatory language. It is a borderline case for this principle. [-1]
  2. Principle 2:
    I will respect the privacy and dignity of others and will not engage in cyberbullying, harassment, or hate speech.
    The statement does not engage in cyberbullying, harassment, or hate speech. It focuses on institutional critique rather than personal attacks. [+1]
  3. Principle 3:
    I will use my words and actions to promote understanding, empathy, and compassion.
    The statement does not promote understanding, empathy, or compassion. It is more focused on rallying action against perceived corruption. [-1]
  4. Principle 4:
    I will engage in constructive criticism and dialogue with those in disagreement and will not engage in personal attacks or ad hominem arguments.
    The statement does not engage in constructive criticism or dialogue. It is a strong accusation without an invitation for discussion or debate. [-2]
  5. Principle 6:
    I will use my influence for the betterment of society.
    The statement uses the speaker's influence to call for action against what they perceive as a threat to democracy, which can be seen as an attempt to better society. [+2]
  6. Principle 7:
    I will uphold the principles of free speech and use my platform responsibly and with integrity.
    The statement exercises free speech and uses the platform to address a significant public issue, but the tone and approach could be seen as lacking in responsibility and integrity due to the accusatory nature.